If you decide to cancel your order

  • If canceled more than 24 hours  before the start of the tour, we will refund the entire prepayment.
  • If canceled for a shorter period, the  deposit will not be refunded.
  • If the tour is canceled by the organizer,  we will refund the entire prepayment.


Cancellation under unforeseen circumstances
Exceptions to these rules are possible if the cancellation is due to:

  • Flight cancellations or delays that prevented you from being able to get on the tour. We will ask you to provide confirmation from the airport or a screenshot of the departure board.
  • Extremely unfavorable weather conditions at the site of the tour. In this case, we will need a confirmation from the guide that it is impossible to conduct in these weather conditions.

How can I take my money back

1. Check if the cancellation is in accordance with the return policy.

2. If you want to return the prepayment due to cancellation due to force majeure, then send a link to the order to [email protected], indicate the reason for the cancellation and, if necessary, prepare confirmations.

3. We make a refund to the card from which the payment was made. The term for receiving money on the card is 1-30 days from the moment the return is issued.